Millions of Californians Could Lose Their Insurance Discount

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Millions of Californians just like you save money by buying their auto or homeowners insurance through groups like unions, clubs, retailers, group memberships and other associations. Insurers may also offer other discount programs by grouping together drivers and homeowners of similar professions. Discount programs like this are commonly referred to as ‘affinity group’ programs.

These discounts are in jeopardy. The California Department of Insurance (CDI) is proposing regulations that could eliminate these group insurance discounts that millions of Californians count on every month.

If insurance companies and groups are restricted or limited from offering group and occupation discount programs consumers like you who are secretaries, janitors, beauticians, teachers, union members, fire fighters, police officers, and health care workers may end up paying more for auto or homeowners insurance.


About Us

Californians United to Protect Insurance Discounts is a broad-based coalition of local business groups, community-based organizations, unions, faith leaders and property casualty insurers working together to protect affinity group programs permitted under current law to which insurers provide insurance discounts throughout California. CUPID coalition members include: the California Black Chamber of Commerce, the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce, American GI Forum Education Foundation, National Latino Evangelical Coalition (NALEC), HOPE For All: Helping Others Prosper Economically, the Ecuadorian-American California Chamber of Commerce/El Salvador Chamber of Commerce and the American Property Casualty Insurance Association.

How Do Affinity Groups Help Californians?

California and 47 other states allow affinity group discounts. These discount programs have been allowed in California for over 30 years. The voter approved ballot initiative enacted in 1988 specifically included a provision that allows grouping of insureds eligible to obtain insurance discounts. Millions of Californians save money each month on their auto and homeowners insurance through these programs. But those discounts may go away if the California Department of Insurance approves these heavy-handed regulations.

See Who Else is Standing Up to Save Affinity Group Insurance Discounts

The following groups presented testimony in favor of affinity group insurance programs before the California Department of Insurance Investigatory Hearing on September 17, 2019 in Los Angeles, California:

American GI Education Forum Foundation
California Black Chamber of Commerce
California Latino School Board Members Association
Ecuadorian-American California Chamber of Commerce
Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
HOPE For All
National Latino Evangelical Coalition
South Bay Teachers' Association
Southern Christian Leadership Conference


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